Kinect Recorder

Hello guys,
Im trying to record a kinect stream inside touch designer. Do you know if its possible to record as a mov a point cloud color? Or i need to do it outside touch with another program like brekel or kulfex.

Yes, you can do it with the Movie File Out TOP. But caution, it depends which data you are recording from the Kinect as Depth and Point Clouds come in different pixel formats… For example a Point Cloud data is 32-bit float pixel format, so the only way to record 32-bit float movie is as an .EXR image sequence since most codecs don’t support that high bit depths. .EXR image sequences can be written out and read back into TD, but they are not super fast, your system specs will need to be good.

If you are recording other streams its pretty easy.

I was also reading here that the Kinect Recorder that comes with Kinect Studio does a good job and can feed playback directly into TouchDesigner. (not sure if its just Kinectv2 or Azure as well)

Hello, I am using Kinect Azure and I have recorded with Kinect Studio the mvk files and put them in the Kinect Viewer. It all works good, but TouchDesigner is still streaming from the main sensor and not the recordings. Looks like is not going through the Kinect Studio. Am I missing something? Thank you!

Microsoft change things quite a bit with the Kinect Azure and I don’t believe it supports streaming from the kinect studio (or viewer) apps anymore. There is a library for reading those files directly, but that feature isn’t currently implemented in TouchDesigner.

There is some additional information on extracting the data from the kinect mkv files here: For example, you could use the ffmpeg command line tool to extract the depth information as a series of PNG files that could be loaded into TouchDesigner

Additionally, as Ben mentioned above, we do support reading/writing sequences of EXR files as a method of storing uncompressed 32-bit floating point depth data.

Hey @robmc - do you know if the changes broke the ability to play back Kinect v2 .xef data from Kinect Studio into TD? I’m having trouble getting that to work right this moment.

As far as I know, streaming from Kinect Studio 2 into TouchDesigner should still be working. The azure stuff is all separate with its own viewer app and nodes, so it didn’t really affect the original Kinect systems.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the kinect 2 hardware available at the moment to double check it.