KINECT resolutions

Hello all !
This is my first post here :slight_smile: Happy to be part !

I am using a kinect V2.
I managed to record all the data I wanted but when it comes to editing (I use Adobe Premiere Pro),
I realize that my color and player index (+ edges + some funny stuffs) don’t have the same resolutions…
Color images are in 1920x1080 and my player index images are 580x480.

I believe this difference comes from the sensors itself (rgb color sensor and IR Flash Lidar/TOF camera).

Do you guys have any tips about how to make the use of the two footage smooth together ?

You’ll want to turn on the “Camera Remap” parameter in the Kinect TOP for this when capturing to make it easy. If you can’t re-capture you will have to look up the remapping math from the V2’s SDK.