Kinect Studio .xef playback not working

I have some .xef recordings that I made using Kinect Studio (v2). I’m attempting to play them back into TD. I hooked up a Kinect 2 to the computer, and TD is able to get live input from it. Kinect Studio is able to load the .xef files, and play them back, but as soon as it starts playback, TD loses the connection, with the warning:
“No data is being received from the Kinect. This could be due to a USB chipset…”
As soon as I stop playback in Kinect Studio, TD starts getting input again.

I know that in the past I have been able to feed data from Kinect Studio playback into TD, but for some reason it isn’t working now.

Has anyone else encountered this?

I have the exact same issue. If you have found a solution to this please let me know. It would sometimes work randomly after restarting everything, but then not work most of the times.

I’m having the same issue right now - does Kinect Studio present to TD as though it’s the Kinect? That was my understanding. If that’s the case I’d assume this is a Kinect Studio issue. Right now it’s presenting a bit of a problem for the usual long-term Kinect dev workflow.

Hi, once you load your files, you have to click on connect to service next to the play button. This way, your recording will act as a live kinect.

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It should work that way but doesn`t at my machines.

I had an enabled kinect TOP in the network, that caused the error. Switched it off and I could use the recorded data in the kinect CHOP :slight_smile: