Kinect to Looping Video

Hello! I’m working on a project where I’d like to switch the output to a Kinect Camera when a body walks into frame. The main output will be a looping video with a logo animation. The goal is to display the logo mostly but when someone walks into frame the output switches to the Kinect. My instincts tell me there’s a node that I could attach to the Kinect that could trigger this. If anyone has any ideas on how I could achieve this I would be very grateful. Thanks!

You can use the Kinect CHOP or Kinect Azure CHOP depending on which version of the device you are using. When the ‘p1/id’ channel is non-zero it indicates that a body has been found in the frame. You can use a Logic CHOP on this value to change it to a binary 1 or 0 whenever the ‘p1/id’ value is not zero. You can then feed that into the index of a Switch TOP to change the output video.