Kinect v2 and/or Azure, 4 projectors with projection mapping, 5th projector for floor interaction, positional tracking, liquid texture + material

Hey people,

I am so grateful and thankful to be here! it is a fantastic opportunity to learn quickly and with projects which inspire oneself.

I have already learned a bit, and it’s a daily trip! thanks for all the support through this forum and all the tutorials.

so, I think I got the chance for a project, which makes me (pushes me) finally to buy/effort the full license.
but I d need some help with it, and I should present a preview of it in around a week to get the project.

What’s the idea:
I’d like to create a corridor (two white walls) with a projection mapping on both sides (2 projectors per side) with a resolution of 3840 x 1080. The 2 projections could be just aligned next to each other or overlap slightly in the middle.

In the middle of the two walls, on top, there should be a Kinect v2 or azure (depending on the budget), to scan the walking-through motion of the people and in realtime project them like a mirror (that’s why I need two projectors per side because one alone could not project a perfect mirror behind the person) on both white walls in a textured material (like a liquid metal or a metal looking very dense point cloud).
This process would use two Kinect (v2 or azure on both sides for scanning and 4 projectors).

A fifth (and/or if needed a sixth) projector would be placed on top of this room facing towards the ground and would project a liquid texture in the same textured material, but would slowly follow the walking, like a liquid drawing trace.

This whole installation should work with many people at the same time (in this case maybe better to work with other tech or can Kinect handle more than 6 people?).

Main Tutorials I am going to use:

a) projection mapping:

b) liquid textures

c) materials

d) Kinect / positional tracking / for mirror???
not found yet!
1/3 TouchDesigner Vol.055 Play with Nvidia Flex Solver for interactive art - YouTube ???

e) Kinect / positional tracking / for top view location and drawing a liquid trace on the ground following the walk???
not found yet!
just this so far: Floor interaction - #3 by rheagill96


  • Would you think, this setup is reasonable or are there some more efficient ways to run it?
  • how about PC. can one PC run 5 projectors and 2 azure (or 1 kinect azure and 1 kinect v2?)?
    my setup is quite ok, but what specs would one need for such a project roughly?
  • Any suggestions for mirroring the movement of the people on both sides simultaneously and for drawing on the ground behind the people (liquid colour-material traces)?

I hope it is ok to ask for such specific project ideas.
in the attachment, I put a very ruffly drawn sketch of it.

All the best,

I found out that i could also scale the wall a little smaller and work with short-range projectors, to avoid that the persons block the projection with their bodies.

I d have also the availability for two Zedi2 for the positional tracking.
What would be the better option in your opinion?