Kinect(v2) and windows 11


I’ve googled, but didn’t quite get a definitve answer whether Kinect (v2) works without problems in touchdesigner on windows 11? Also didn’t find any topics about this on this forum…


I know there’s been some issues, but I don’t know if these have been fixed or have solutions.

Do you know what kind of issues?

So far as I can remember, it’s something to do with the SDK not working, but I believe there may be some work around. Other than that, I can’t recall any specific issues to mention.

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I’ve been using it for the color point cloud for a project this weekend, and it’s worked great! I found that I wasn’t able to consistently get skeletal data, but I don’t know if that’s Windows 11 or issues with the data coming in. (The install is outside, and I’m getting a lot of noise in that environment, so I could see that interfering with something like recognizing people and calculating skeletons.)

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