Kinect V2 on Macbook

Hi everyone, I’ve got a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017), 2.9 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7. I also am borrowing a friend’s Kinect V2. I am wondering if anybody knows of a library I can use in order to connect my macbook to my Kinect and thus to touchDesigner? If anyone can point me in the right direction of how to setup a kinect v2 for touchDesigner on a mac, I’d be so incredibly grateful.


it was one of the reason to buy a PC :slight_smile: There is some workaround:
– using openNI with a software able to use it, like processing or Isadora and transmit data via OSC (not so fast and not many possibilites)
– use bootcamp to install windows and use TD with the microsoft SDK (not last macOS, not M1) but works.
– buy a PC and everithing is open !

Hi! :slight_smile:
My name is Greta, I’m still new to TouchDesigner, but I’m constantly learning and dreaming of mastering this program!)

I have a question. Can you tell me if there is any news on Kinect 2.0 connectivity for MacOs?

I have a creative project idea where I need to process a dance through a Kinect camera and design it graphically in touchdesigner in real time.

Thank you so much!

Hey Greta, welcome to the forum.
As Kinect is made by Microsoft, there isn’t, and never will be, an official Microsoft supported Kinect driver for MacOS. That means Kinect will also never be natively supported in TouchDesigner for MacOS.

You’re best bet is still what @jacqueshoepffner suggested - install Bootcamp on your mac and install Windows - once you are fullscreen in TouchDesigner you will hardly notice the difference - but now with working Kinect CHOP/TOP/SOP!

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The only actual problem is that BootCamp is no more available on M1/M2…
It seems the only solution is now to use a Windows machine.

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You could try Parallels Desktop to run Windows on your M1 Mac

But Parallels, unfornunately, doenst make good usage of the Graphic Card.
I tried, was very disapointed and finaly bought a Windows machine…

Thank you so much for the answers! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I found information about the RealSense camera, I’m thinking of trying its capabilities. From what I understand, it has a depth camera, so it can pick up movements. And it seems to be supported in TD on Mac…

@Greta_Evtushevska mmm depends how new your mac is, if you’re using an Apple M1/M2 you’re out of luck - as Intel has not updated the Realsense drivers for Apple Silicon.
See the TouchDesigner release notes, the Apple Silicon paragraph on top:

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