Kinect2 Pointcloud Record

I’m trying to figure out how to record the Kinect2 pointcloud for later playback. I assumed and read elsewhere that I should be able to just record both Kinect TOPS with moviefileouts and then just play them back through, but not having luck. Am I missing something here?kinectPointCloud.3.toe (7.9 KB)

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Textures that are used for the point cloud are 32bit floating point - which often means that they end up compressed when saved out to file using the moviefile out TOP. You might consider using the pack top (before recording, and an unpack when playing back), or recording these as an exr sequence to make sure you have the bit depth you need.

I tried out the Pack TOPs set appropriately and wasn’t able to get it working. However, I found a much easier solution for my use case. The Kinect Studio application that comes with the SDK actually records and plays back nicely, with TD treating playback just like live sensor data. The playback just overrides the live sensor input.