Kiosk Mode - I keep swiping Touchdesigner off the screen

Hey all! I recently bought a kiosk for my Touchdesigner display and Windows 11 is just messing it up. Anything with 3 or 4 finger gestures causes it to minimize the program, or swipe it to my other monitor. I’m sure it’s a windows setting and want to know what you guys have tried?

Also, Windows 11 has a Kiosk mode that would make it easy to run installations of Touchdesigner on, but Touchdesigner isn’t on the list. Is this something that can be done to make it able to be used in Kiosk mode? I feel TD + kiosk mode would be really useful, especially for installations. I see that Google Chrome has an extension that allows it to run in Kiosk mode with an add on. Can we get something like this? Use a Chromebook as a kiosk (for developers only) - Chromebook Help