Kling-Net Output for Pixel Mapping

Would love the implementation of a Kling-Net output at some point! Just started working on a new LED pixel strip project and I am having to output visuals from TD via NDI to ArKaos MediaMaster in order to make use of their Kling-Net mapper. Nothing wrong with this, but would love the ability to do everything inside of TD and Kling-Net allows for many more fixtures than I would be able to use through Artnet or sACN.

That would be nice! Unfortunately as far as I can tell, ArKaos - who made the KlingNet protocol, is keeping it closed and only licensing it to manufacturers who would like to RECEIVE KlingNet. There are no other (to the best of my knowledge) pieces of software that can SEND KlingNet and I’m betting ArKaos would like to keep it this way. I’m pretty sure that any product you can control with KlingNet, you can also control with ArtNet or sACN… What fixtures are you using that only work via KlingNet?

Also, if you want to do the sleuthwork, you could probably capture the KlingNet packets with WireShark and then figure out how to build a custom KlingNet output tox using the UDP Out DAT… Not for the faint of heart.

TLDR: Impossible even if Derivative wanted to, because ArKaos is keeping the protocol spec for SENDing KlingNet secret… (I’m pretty sure)

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Ah hate to hear that, but creating a custom tox sounds interesting :slight_smile:

I’m using ADJ Pixie Strips. They run off of a driver box (that also takes ArtNet & sACN) but KlingNet is the option that gives me the most units linked to one box. They give you the option to daisy-chain up to 50 driver boxes if you need more fixtures but I’m trying to avoid that if possible lol

Wow, that “Pixie Driver 8000” might be the only LED pixel-type driver that has that limitation… There is no reason ArtNet or sACN couldn’t do more than 170 pixels per output, so I am not sure why the implemented it that way:

That being said, according to the website, the “Pixie Driver 2000 v2” does support the same 1020 pixels per port for KlingNet, ArtNet and sACN simultaneously, so if you can get those instead of the v1 or the 8000 version drivers, you shouldn’t have to worry about it:

If you want to try sniffing the KlingNet UDP protocol and sending me the WireShark file, I could tell you pretty quickly how easy it might be to custom build a UDP out TOX that could send “pirate” KlingNet out of TouchDesigner…

Funnily enough, ended up getting the 2000 v2. A client of mine is planning to get the 8000 for a larger install, but it is a very strange limitation.

An update though, the system was working fine until today. The pixie strips connect automatically when MediaMaster is running by itself, but as soon as I open TD, I start having horrible network dropout issues. Not sure why this just started all of a sudden.

Both softwares running at the same time? If TD is trying to send ArtNet or sACN while MediaMaster is ALSO trying to send KlingNet, it could be confusing the Pixie Driver…

Also also, broadcast ArtNet or multicast sACN could be causing issues depending on your network hardware / config (aka WiFi or IGMP respectively) so maybe try unicast ArtNet / sACN.

The number of problems I have solved (known and unknown) by switching to unicast ArtNet or sACN is higher than it should be, especially with more “borderline” hardware such as this stuff.

Just replied to your comment on my other thread! TD is only sending OSC, DMX, and NDI. I think the issue is most likely stemming from an unknown update as you mentioned.