Korg nanoKontrol2

Hello, following the Montréal workshop, I made a project to facilitate the use of the nanoKontrol2 in TD. Here is a Zip with a short .pdf with explanations, a preset file for the Korg, a .toe to communicate with the Korg and a .tox to put in your project and communicate with the .toe.
Feel free to use it and to give some feedback.
hoepffner.info/documentation/Tou … ontrol.zip

Thanks very much Jacques. I just bought one to use for kid’s interactivity and will try your programs out. Much obliged - saves me time… Also I saw your dance piece for kids on youtube and thought it was great!

Jacques thanks again for this. I got the device configured with Korg Kontrol Editor ok and working fine per your instructions in the toe file, with the perform screen echoing all controls perfectly.

I am now trying to insert and use your tox element which appears to be looking for udp info from ??? I am new at all this but as you show Korg left and Korg right were you running two devices from two remote computers maybe? Or am I supposed to be running the toe app separately somehow to send the udp data within the same PC?

I know how to remap using mid mapper from Matthew’s excellent tutorial but am hoping to avoid this if I can reuse the mapping you did in toe file.

nanoKONTROL2_flockingGpu.1.toe (529.9 KB)

Any advice?

Unfortunately I am far away from home at the moment and I posted the Korg .tox some time ago.
I know the work was not completely done and need some refinement.
The spirit was:
– first simplify the process with nanokontrol, renaming the midi controllers and scaling it to 0-1 (thats the .toe usage)
– second separate the process of receiving midi in a separate process. Sometimes many midi informations can lower the framerate. Putting it in another process and sending it via touch in-out (it could be OSC) can help to keep the framerate at 60.
I will look at it next week when I am back home. I will also post a new tool for easy use of PS4 joystick.
All the best, Jacques

Thanks Jacques! No worries, I will work with the toe file for the moment, and build on that. I really appreciate the accurate mapping you did! Cheers.