Laptop charger unplugged alert / battery display

Hi, I’d like to know if it is possible to display an alert when my laptop charger is disconnected, and maybe also, my battery status.

Is that possible?


Which OS?

In any case, probably some Python library would do the trick, such as psutil.


import psutil

in a Text DAT and run it. Does it give you the data you need to make something?

is macos !

Try the Perform CHOP.
It has options to display battery charging, battery life, battery time.

From there you can use a CHOP Execute DAT to fire python callbacks on those values directly.

You might also use a Logic CHOP to convert specific ranges to 0/1 before using the CHOP Execute DATs.

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AWESOME! thtat was it, thank you!

To perform this task, I will use BatteryDeley, a freeware for Windows. It also notifies when your battery level is at 90, 75, 50, etc. You can even customize these alert levels and associate a WAV file with it .
It may be helpful.