Laptop Recommendations

Good day folks,

Well, I’ve put it off as long as I can, I think I need to bite the bullet solver and buy myself a new laptop. I’m looking for recommendations for something that will work well with Touchdesigner for the foreseeable future. I’m the type of person that will try to make something last as long as possible before replacing it, so something with longevity would be preferred. My intended uses would be interactive installations, projection mapping, Kinect (and similar hardware) driven experiences, audio reactive experiences etc. I also use Powerpoint and Adobe Creative Suite extensively.

What is the best bang for the buck these days?

Are there any brands that stand out as being more reliable than others?

Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.



I’m in the same situation here, any insights on Equipement for TD would be really apreciated, we could try to make a kind of Benchmark for laptops and stuff or something.

Anyways, thanks in advance.


I bought two years ago a MSI GS65 laptop (nvidia 1070 maxQ, RAM 32 Go, 2 x 1To SSD) and I am very Happy with it. TouchDesigner with kinect and 10 000 000 particles on five HD screens (with Matrox DualHead2Go), DaVinci Resolve and Blender are working fine.
There is now perfect light laptops with nVidia 2080 in the MSI, Asus and Razor brands. Around 3500$.
Just be careful to max RAM and SSD and to make a fresh windows install without the very annoying bloatware installed in gamer laptop.

Thanks for your replies. Anybody have thoughts on the Main Gear laptops? In particular I am looking at the Pulse 17 for around $2500 USD with the Samsung 970 Pro and 16GB of memory, or should I be looking at 32GB? I believe they have a zero bloatware policy.

I have a 2019 Razer 15. It’s great. Extremely compact, RTX 2080 and upgradeable ram and nvme storage.

I wound up getting the 1080 with 144hz display and it’s actually been really fun having a high refresh rate display in TD and other programs. I also wound up upgrading my RAM and storage after purchase.

Anybody have experience with Tongfang (such as MainGear Pulse 15 or 17, Eluktronics, CyberPowerPC Tracer III etc.) based laptops and TouchDesigner? Would be interested in hearing what people think of them.

In addition to the above, the Tongfang laptops don’t seem to have Thunderbolt 3, is this a hindrance? I’ve used TB3 in the Mac world for lightning fast networking between 2 machines but have not used it otherwise.