Laptop with built-in intel & nVidia

I have some rather un pleasant touch experience with my laptop, if i create a new window on external monitor ( built-in vs attached ) TD will lock and crash all the time. TD will also crash if i move my network editor (main and unique window ) to the builtin screen from the external monitor.
It seems ( from monitor dat ) that TD isn’t seeing the nvidia gpu driving the buitlin screen, and tries to swap between gpu.

Adobe, C4D all work fine and report using nvidia gpu whether on the builtin in screen or external monitor.

Anyone using a smiliar laptop / having similar issues ?

Running TD 2019.19160 | Windows 10 build 17763 / 1809
Gigabyte Aero 15 X9 | 32GB Ram | 2070RTX Max Q | i7 8750H | Driver version 430.86

I had the same problem with my MSI GS65. The solution was to get rid of all the bloatware.
Have you made a fresh Windos install? Try to kill and uninstall all the unuseful software and particularly Nahimic ones. After that all was working perfectly.

Thanks Jacqueshoepffner, away from the studio at the moment. so I’ll have to wait to give a fresh re-install a try :frowning:
my current work around has been to disable my builtin monitor. ( Windows + P shortcut )

Thanks Jacque for this. I am a newbie and have a MSI GS43VR 7RE and this annoying Nahimic notice keeps popping up over and over. However being mainly a Mac guy I am not sure how to kill that. Just delete all things nahimic or look for uninstaller? Any help appreciated…

Hello, sorry for the late answer. Its not easy to work against Nahimic… First I wrote a script killing all services after startup. Now I have killed all the process but I cannot remember exactly how I had made that, sorry.

No worries On YouTube it looks to be fairly involved but I will look into it.

You could try uninstalling it from Control Panel > Add Remove Programs, then select from the list and uninstall?

Thanks Ben. I will give that a try. I read somewhere else on net though that it left other Nahimic stuff behind on HD. I was actually playing around with Nahimic on new laptop in FreeDome yesterday and some of the surround settings sounded pretty good. On my personal MSI laptop what annoys me are all the pop ups at startup. I am more of a mac guy but am using the MSI laptops for Touch, so sorry about all the dumb pc/Windows questions. ;=)

I understand the frustrations, I usually wipe a new laptop and give it a fresh Windows install that allows you to control what is on it. It takes time, but it gives peace of mind and usually better performance to boot!

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We’ve started disabling the internal monitor completely to ensure nothing bottlenecks the dedicated GPU. This doesn’t work for all situations, but when you can it works pretty well.

Optimus / Max-Q = Frustration / Anguish

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Update: I ended up reformatting the machine and getting rid of bloatware and didn’t reinstall the Nahimic drivers. Just installed the gigabyte helper app ( to control fans and keyboard light ). Also updated to 1909 ( wasn’t intended :frowning: )

TD doesn’t crash anymore. I lose 20fps having the editor open + perform window on ext display. ( with jelly bean scene @ 4K)
If I open a floating network editor from perform mode, then I only loose 10fps :slight_smile:

Running TD 2019.19160 | Windows 10 build 17763 / 1909
Gigabyte Aero 15 X9 | 32GB Ram | 2070RTX Max Q | i7 8750H | Driver version 430.86

Hi @oliviano
I would recommend first updating yoyr graphics drivers, version 430.86 is from early 2019 and sdo old I can’t even locate it on the list of Geforce drivers.

Also, if you are using 2019 builds, you can update to the latest in that series as the 2019.19160 build is over 6 months old. You can find them here:

If you aren’t tied to the 2019 builds I recommend updating to the 2020 Official. Which you can find here:

Let us know if updating to current drivers and builds helps at all. Thanks