Large Ableton project connection failure

Working on a pretty large ableton project and connecting over TDableton fails.
Diving into connectivity failure over a LAN.

We are getting OSC but it errors out here:
Seems the issue is at line TDAbletonExt", line 501, in onSongDumpComplete

It is attempting to parse the STR for “self.loadingSongInfo” but due to some issues in the JSON it rarely parses at all.

Looking directly at this STR, it shows invalid JSON string most of the time in different random places.

Looks like this data is chucked up into multiples and recombined in Touch.
What can I do to make sure these come back together correctly in TDAbleton?


Hey Harvey

Song info does get broken up and recombined, as you say. Never heard of problems with that before, so it would be great to test this if you have time. Some things to try:

  1. Try it not over LAN. Does it work?
  2. Insert a line of Python into TDAbletonExt that dumps the info received so that I can analyze it.
  3. Send me Collect and Saved Live set to try myself.

A possible workaround: use TDA_Ignore and TDA_Ignore_MIDI devices. They are pretty simple and super useful for large Live sets. Just drop the devices in chains to ignore all the following devices. This reduces songInfo size by a huge amount. If this workaround helps, I’d still like to try to figure out your original problem if you have time!

Hey Ivan,
Seems like something screwy in my network was dropping packets or something. Problem was solved when I took an extra ethernet switch out of the path. Send me an email if you wanted to dig into it further.

Definitely will try out the TDA ignore thats good to know!


Oh good. If it’s hardware failure, it’s above my paygrade :wink: