Large volumetric pixel map

I’m trying to put together a large volumetric pixel map - nothing insane really, basically a 5 x 5 grid of LED strips, but two meters tall (so 120 LEDs per column)

I was trying to use Markus’ ‘the slicer’ technique from the tutorial, but a multi GLSL in only takes up to 30 inputs, and for one of the planes I need 120. I split that plane into 4 GLSLs and added them together, but its not quite there. I changed this line to add 31, 61, and 91 to shift the pixels over in the texture to match the input
vec4 color = texture(sTD2DInputs[int(pos.y)+1],pos.xz);

basically everything is squished in the previews however.

the other techniques look to be working fine, but id really like to get the slicing method down. Anyone had any luck? the network is attached if anyone has some clues.

LargeVolPixelmap.toe (93.4 KB)

Tagging Markus @snaut :slight_smile:

Hey @delray,

to get around the limit of the multiglsl TOP, an idea was to use the Layout TOP and arrange all render and renderselected in a grid. Now the shader has to do a bit more math for figuring out from which section to grab the color value, but I think the attached solved it nicely.
Another change here is to use the ChopTo TOP’s feature to arrange all values in a square - makes this all more scalable.

Let me know if the file makes sense
LargeVolPixelmap.6.toe (120.8 KB)