Laser Arcade Game Using Etherdream

I created a game called Laser Gunner. It’s based on the early arcade game Tail Gunner.[video]Tailgunner - Arcade - The Best Arcade Games (Vectorbeam 1979) - YouTube

Here is a very shotty video demonstration:
[video]Laser Gunner Demo - YouTube

Due to the mismatched camera frame rate and laser scan rate it looks very blinky. Also, the brightness of the laser and the focal length of the camera makes it really blurry, so the video really doesn’t do it justice. Like, at all. I encourage anyone with a laser projector and an etherdream DAC to check out my github for source code and more information on how the game works:


This is great, I want to try it!

Awesome stuff

Aha, that looks super fun.

Trying this out tomorrow :wink:

What kind of laser projector are you guys using?

I would love to add laser to my repertoire. What other cool projects use LP with TouchDesigner?

I first saw your work, I confess honestly, it impressed me