Laser based projectors!

I am a lighting designer fabricating and programming something like a small scale light lab. I am looking into laser based pico-projectors due to form factor necessities, depth of field requirements, and angle of incidences being around fifteen degrees. Has anyone used a MicroVision SHOWWX+ or an AAXA L1? … jector.htm
BOTH are now sold out or on back order… :cry:

After contacting MicroVision, they offered an evaluation kit for 2500 USD! :astonished:
I attached a PDF of the EVAL kit.
MicroVision 25 lumen PicoP® Evaluation Kit.pdf (219 KB)
Will someone wiser than me offer some advice?

Thanks for your time!

Any updated info on accessible (affordable) laser projectors to use with ILDA converter and TouchDesigner? What about LaserDock via ILDA- is that getting good results? Any chance anyone has hacked a way into using Lasercube, the portability is clutch.

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