Laser Cube Ethernet + WiFi Working Script - 2021-09-21 11:44

Laser Cube Ethernet + WiFi Working Script

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Amazing , im thinking to buy one of the wifi cube lasers , do you recommend them to use them with touchdesigner ?

Great work! I made a few minor modifications to make the socket initialization happen when you turn the laser on/off. This way you can change the IP and turn the laser output back on without restarting TD.

We should add this to the Wicked Lasers repo. Do you want to make a PR? GitHub - Wickedlasers/Laser_OS_TouchDesigner


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This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you

Thanks @tgreiser !
I’ve implemented your fix and worked a bit more on the script.

Fixed a few bugs and made it easier to use.

The new version has been uploaded

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That’s great! I was looking into getting one! Does that mean the script works with all LaserCube models? No need for the Pro with ILDA version? :slight_smile:

Yes it works with all laser cubes that features wifi and ethernet, no need for the pro version, and will work with the pro also of course :wink:

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Hi guys, i just bought a Laser Cube but I cant connect with TD, I tried everything but it is happening a error I don’t understand
here is the print of error

Hello all,

I can’t find my laser cube with this patch. It doesn’t connect. Any ideas ?
I’m sure about the IP. It works with MadLaser but can’t connect in TD.

Thanks in advance

Hello, I was having the same issue and managed to get it working by changing the last component in the network to the latest version of Asyncio:

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I am getting the same issue. I get not connected error but it doesn’t say anything else. I know the IP address is correct, I can ping the device, and I can run it with laser OS.

Windows 10
TD 2022.33910
Lasercube .19

Make sure you downloaded the latest Laser Cube Script, I updated the readme in my github because it was forwarding the previous version of the script
Here GitHub - NairoDorian/Laser-Cube-TouchDesigner: Latest Laser Cube WiFi LAN Ethernet Python Script Touchdesigner TD Support