Laser Juice

I am pleased to announce a new TouchDesigner based synthesis engine / abstract generator for ILDA and oscillographics - Laser Juice! There is a fully featured demo with a 20 minute time limit available at Licenses will be available June 15, 2017 for $30 USD.


  • Output to Ether Dream (ILDA) or sound card (ILDA, oscilloscope or modular synth). More DACs coming soon.
  • Signal modulation with LFO, MIDI or audio.
  • Harmonograph inspired synthesis.
  • Rich and vibrant color patterns.
  • Save and load presets you develop.
  • Oscillator previews help you understand the signals you are generating.



very cool!

:open_mouth: :astonished: Beautiful

cool alternative to trigger pangocash by osc! 30 $ wow you beat them all!