Lasercube and TD

Hello TD

the 2 laser chops available in TD are not supporting my new lasercube laser base on laserdock.

Some application are supporting laserdock as well as EtherDream and Helios as modulaser.
newbie question:
how to modify or create a a new laserdock CHOP base on Helios CHOP?

Thank you in advance.

hi @cyberium Im thinking of generating an interactive artwork on TD and output that into LaserCube, but I dont know how to do this. Have you solved this problem? Need some pointers and guidance.

This functionality isn’t implemented yet into Touch, but I’m working on a Custom Operator to implement it. I’ve gotten the basics written up, and I should be getting my hands on a device shortly.

Let me know if either of you would want to test an early version once I get it together!

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hello! i have a laserdock for the week, wondering if you’ve made any progress as i’d love to help test :slight_smile:

I sold my lasercube ang get a ILDA laser with Elios usb interface.
work like a charme.

I now need support on controlling laser with touchdesigner.

I want to do projection mapping using laser.
I was thinking unsing kantanmapper and route it to laser chop.

is there someone can help here?