Laserworld Shownet compatibility

Hello there !

Is there a way to connect Laserworld shownet interface with TD without an etherdream ?

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Hi, We have support for Laserworld coming in the next 2 months.


Hi Greg,
Great !!! thanks for your answer, have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Hi Team,
I’m interested as well about this specific feature, are you still on track for a release sometime in December?
Thanks for the update.

Hi - I am also interested in support for the Shownet interface. I am looking at buying a different interface which is compatible but just came across this post saying support was incoming. Are there any updates?

Hello !
Any news about this ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello Everyone,

Is there any update, when this feature will come available?

We’ve deferred it to our next major/experimental release.

If you would like to try a beta version of ShowNET support then send us an email at and we can send you a build based off 20k. The only restriction is that you have an active TD comm/edu/pro license.