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Hi Guys,

I’ve been finding that whenever I have a lot of floating UI elements open sometimes the mouse can get stuck on a particular cursor and I have to close the floating pane if its an issue in there or completely reboot TouchDesigner if it happens in my main window. As I’m typing this right now my mouse is stuck on the little right arrow reference/export cursor and no matter what I do I can’t bring it back to the normal cursor so need to reboot touchdesigner…Oddly right click still works.

It feels like this, the ramp TOP issue and the non-updating active buttons might all be a side effect of some update? (ramp keys one comes to mind) it’s all UI related stuff.


Hey @Ennui

Thanks for the report.

Only the cursor get stuck with a pointer that represents a past state? The UI / TouchDesigner all updates properly? No freeze ?

Any hint on how to reproduce ?


I think maybe open a lot of floating viewers on multiple monitors and do a lot of referencing…anything I send you will “fix itself”. It seems to be mainly when referencing it gets stuck…everything else runs smoothly, just the cursor cant click anything until you close the floating pane its on or restart touchdesigner so its not a crash…just a weird state glitch.

@Ennui so far I cannot reproduce. But I’ll keep it in mind.

Did you happen to be dropping frames when you were working on that project that got stuck?

Nope it’s running 60 solid.

I think I’m having a similar issue. I’ve experienced multiple crashes after having trouble with stuck cursors, and ramps that seemed to be affecting each other’s ramp keys.

I have stored 3 files: the original pre-crash .toe, the first crash-autosave, and the .toe after the second crash which seemed to have corrupted all the files in its project folder folder but I can’t upload these because I am a new user :confused:

If these could be useful I would be happy to send them somehow.

Hey @Marbel

The Ramp TOP issues should be fixed in the build in the latest post here: Ramp TOP keys not editable - #18 by ben