Launchpad (mini) color selector and template loader

If you happen to have ableton, you can use to export a midi clip to control your lights (I could not figure out how to use the midi file in TD). You can then route the midi into touch with loopbe or similar software. You can use a hold or constant, or just lock the midi in chop to retain/freeze your LED mapping (Then you can use it without ableton). You can use multiple holds/constants as preset pages and switch between them. The hold will pulse when a button is pressed. Just unlock the midi in, press a button to hold, copy hold, lock hold, repeat for however many pages you need.

launchpadhold.toe (5 KB)

I have also attached a modified version of momo’s patch (viewtopic.php?f=27&t=4955). This works with my launchpad mini to set colors on the 8x8 grid. The column of circular buttons on the right turns into a color selector. In order to get this to persist, you must lock the midi out once you have your template, but then you can delete the rest of the patch. You can also attach it to a hold/constant or lock multiple of them for pages. Sorry its sloppy
mmmLaunchpad_v1.11.toe (379 KB)

Please share any useful improvements/mappings. This is just something simple I whipped up today.