Lay Out Desktop Monitors

This lets you easily place TOPs and panels on multiple output monitors/projectors, one TOP or panel per monitor/projector, without messing with screen coordinates, and adapting to changing layouts.

And when you flip between Perform Mode and Designer Mode, your content stays up on Monitor 1+ without interruption, so your audience won’t notice you making on-the-spot changes to your work.

Not entirely bullet-proof. Let me know your experience with this and I’ll try yo make it more robust.

See its Help to get up on it quickly.

Version 3 on Nov 1, 2018. More robust, simpler Help.
windowCanvas.3.tox (9.06 KB)

Cosmetic improvements and better handles DPI monitor scaling in version 2.

Thanks Greg.
I was trying to give this a shot today on a P5000 system but have found that the only way I can get judder-free performance is to have a single, wide mosaic display for ui(built, not network editor) and outputs. This component, being monitor number based, isn’t too helpful for this circumstance.
I definitely see the benefit of being able to jump out and check network settings etc with my other outputs remaining “in show” but it seems like as soon as there is any windowing other than fullscreen perform, TD judders. Is derivative aware of any way to run full-performance on several outputs while keeping the ability to do OS-related tasks on another out?
I know it’s a deep and treacherous topic, but this component’s existence seemed like it was hinting that multi-windowing with full performance is possible, would love to hear your thoughts.

Right, this doesn’t use any special technique to optimize multi-windows. It just makes it easier to frame your (non-editor) UI and and monitors into a single window, previewing what image goes where, with the option of jumping into and out of Perform Mode without significantly interrupting what your audience sees. Less useful if you are precisely controlling everything yourself.

Version 3 posted. More robust, simpler getting-started Help.