Layer0 in MultiMix tool keeps unsetting itself

I have layer0 set to ‘/…/…/…/null3’, which is a null TOP connected to a render TOP. The render is an geometry that I’m rendering.

The multimix from palette helps me to layer the rendered TOP over another TOP, which is a background movie image.

However, every time I open the project, layer0 shows that it is no longer set to anything and that layer is missing from my output!

I have to go in EVERY time and re-enter ‘/…/…/…/null3’ as my TOP for layer0 every time I re-open the project.

Annoying… Thanks!

Can you let us know what build you are using?

Yep, it’s 2020.25380 for Win 10 64-bit. Thanks! Also, I did find an easy workaround, since I’m new and it turned out I didn’t need the full MultiMix suite for this particular project. By the way, I’ve really enjoyed Touchdesigner so far, Ben. Now that I’m getting the hang of it a little more, I’m looking forward to finding out what wonderful things I can create. Thanks so much for creating it!!

Could you send an example email to
We’re having trouble reproducing it as described.

Thanks very much.