Layout nodes in network using Python

I can’t seem to find Python classes that would allow me to layout some nodes in network. This functionality is available in right-click menu. Please is this missing from Python API, or have I just overlooked it? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @monty_python,

i hesitate to mention it but as there is no pythonic way to do this, i will point you to something that still exists but has not been tested nor is it supported functionality as tscript is deprecated:

oplayout and opgrid are available in tscript for doing this…


Oh shoot, can I move this into RFE? I am starting to work with dynamically creating / deleting nodes (forming larger networks) from python and without this is my network quite a mess :smiley:

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In that case you might be able to use

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Thanks @Achim, I will try that one out.

Could you do this node by node?
op(’constant1’).nodeX = 180
op(’constant1’).nodeY = 200

Yep, absolutely, but I guess that isn’t the user-friendliest approach :slight_smile:

Felt your pain a few years ago,

here’s a tox that does what you want!

AlignTool.tox (1.5 KB)

I used a shortcut key to activate the functions, works well!

I made a blank .toe file and dropped this tox into the root.
Set this toe as the default project and every new toe will include this tox in the root.


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Thank you very much @harveymoon!