LAYOUT TOP artefacts in new version

Hey since updating TD to 2021.14360 and also another version I’ve had these bugged out static artefacts that stread across the screen in odd patterns. Anyone know what this is due to?

Hi @artaeb,

can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?


@artaeb Also, what is your GPU and operating system? Something similar was reported on an AMD GPU recently.

Hey Ben,

win 10. GPU is rx 580 series.

I tried installing more specific AMD drivers for this kind of usage which did not change anything.

I mentioned in an email to someone at Derivative (haven’t heard back yet), that if I start a new project and just connect the outs to the layout top than it can work proficiently. But adding a differing node results in the artefacts. My existing projects using Layout still work fine in an older version of TD.

I hope this all helps. If there is anything else, let me know.


Saw your email, we are closed on the weekend so thanks for your patience.
I can not see it with a default setup on my AMD GPU, maybe you could send in your .toe file as well so we can see your settings and the actual input you are using ie. what differing input nodes result in the artifacts?

all good.

Ok I will do over the next day or so. Appreciated.

Were you able to resolve this? I’m experiencing the same issue mentioned above, even on super simple networks. This is what I’m seeing in the built-in layout top snippets:

FWIW I am using an AMD Vega 64 gpu.

@clayterch Which build are you using? Thanks

I’m using 64-Bit 2021.15800 (non-commercial).