Leap Motion CHOP input stops on TouchDesigner unfocus

When using a Leap Motion CHOP, the input freezes when I unfocus TouchDesigner. It only resumes once I focus the TouchDesigner window again.

The GLSL CHOPs and other CHOPs still function properly, and the resulting texture is still sent via Spout. The Leap Motion CHOP is the only element that freezes.

Here are the fixes I have tried with no luck:

  • Unchecking the “Stop playing when minimized” option in preferences
  • Adding a null after my Shuffle CHOPs with “always” mode, as seen in the above image (this actually produces an FPS drop)
  • Going into performance mode

Can you report which build and OS you are running? Can I clarify you are not minimizing TD, just moving your mouse to another application? Do you mind sharing your .toe file?

Hi Ben,
I’m also having this same issue.
I’m on windows 10 and the latest build.
It happens when I click away or minimize.

I can email the .toe file if you would like to take a look.

I’m actually having this issue too, did y’all end up finding a solution?

I haven’t been able to reproduce this problem yet on my machine. What version of TouchDesigner are you running and what is your OS and LeapMotion driver version?

Does this happen if it’s just the Leap Motion CHOP in your network?