Leap Motion new update - Orion


Has anyone saw the new Leap Motion Orion update? Seems like major improvement on all fronts,
Will be nice to have it working on TD, any clues if it will work?



it works best with the sensor in a headset, i have a 7"Dive with a mount bracket. i was thinking for using it in development sessions i could somehow mount the sensor to the back of a baseball cap and wear the cap backwards. lightweight, anyway. i have not seen anything concerning using it with TD. but combining the leap device with a realsense camera might be fun.

The VR usage is very interesting of course!

In my case, I’ve made a few works with the leap motion in interactive installations,
(Like this one in blakat http://youtu.be/PVvWecln7xo) , and would be wonderful to have the extra range and superior precision Orion seems to offer

currently leap device uses that bottom-up method, the device is below the hands, for the most part. orion changes that in it is more for top-down, device is positioned above the hands. this allows for the arm to be extended away from the body which allows the tracking to follow the depth more naturally. with orion your users of that install would need to be either wearing a headmount of some type or standing immediately under. there is also a new sensor unit which allows working oudoors/other bright light situations.

Not supported yet, please stick with the standard consumer drivers not the Orion Dev drivers. We’ll update this thread when supported, but it likely wont be until Leap Motion takes them from dev to mainstream.

ok thank you Ben >)

Hi Ben, I have Orion Beta 3.1.3+41910 installed, and TouchDesigner 60880 64bit keeps crashing after a while I added Leap Motion CHOP and TOP. Should I uninstall Orion and install the stable runtime to avoid this problem?

Yes, the Orion drivers are not supported. TouchDesigner supports the currently official Leap Motion drivers here:

Any plans bring the Orion drivers and HMD mode to touch ?

The HMD feature should work ?
cause it seem not working .

Hi, The official drivers for the LeapMotion are now the Orion drivers… Any update regarding when they will be supported?

Can anyone verify which old Leap SDK works with Touch.

Can’t get latest v2 SDK to work (2.3.1+31549). It’s apparently a hotfix for earlier version so be good to know exactly what install path works.