Leap Motion now supported on MacOS Silicon, hopefully TouchDesigner soon

After years of promising, Ultraleap has FINALLY released a new version of Leap Motion’s tracking software, Gemini, that works on MacOS Silicon. They’ve done this to coincide with the release of their Leap Motion 2 hardware, but I would love to be able to use my old Leap Motion 1 in TouchDesigner again.

I’ve plugged it in and it seems to be working perfectly within the Ultraleap Control Panel, but when I try to use the Leap Motion CHOP in TouchDesigner I just get the error “This node is not supported on this operating system”.

Any chance of reintegrating this hardware back into TouchDesigner for Mac users?



We are currently looking into this, but I don’t think the new Gemini drivers for MacOS include the public SDK yet that is required for integration with TouchDesigner. I’ve been in contact with Ultraleap and we will post when we know more.


The beta version for MacOS is downloadable at Download Ultraleap's Hand Tracking Software — Ultraleap for Developers.

After installing, LeapSDK is in /Library/Application Support/Ultraleap/LeapSDK/

Thanks. We’ve done a little experimental work on updating the MacOS support now, but there are a few things we’re still sorting out. I’ll post here when we’ve got a more firm release plan.


If you’d like to try Gemini v5 Ultraleap hand tracking on macOS now you can in our 2023 Experimental builds.


@ben Any additional info on how to install it? The legacy driver link on the ultraleap site isn’t working anymore.

Thanks in advance!

I’m also getting an error when I try the legacy MacOS driver link. The error message implies that they are working on a solution, but I don’t know if that is just a standard message. I can reach out to Leap and see if they have any more information on it.

If you are able to update to our 2023 release, that version can use the new Gemini drivers instead of the legacy ones.

I got a response from Ultraleap that they are in the process of fixing the website and that you should email them at support@ultraleap.com if you need to get anything that isn’t currently available.

Any information on how to link the Gemini drivers to TD? can’t seem to find the leapsdk file. Apologies for the stupid question


No worries, I’m not really a Mac expert myself and had to ask our Leap rep the first time I tried to find it. I believe the SDK files are located in: /Library/Application Support/Ultraleap/LeapSDK

I was also told that Leap would be changing this to the contents folder of the control panel app in a later release.

The libLeap.dylib file can then be copied into the TouchDesigner app contents folder i.e. TouchDesigner.app/contents/frameworks

Hope that helps.