Leap Motion - Rigged Hand Geo {Solved}

Hi, I’ve been looking for any info and tutorials on how to have Leap Motion Controller deform low poly hand geometry. I didn’t see much in terms of this, only very basic TD geo hand models.

Something like this example from Unity

Thanks for any info.

Hi Michael,
right know I’m trying to solve it with IK. This is a big brainf*** :smiley: Have you found a solution which is working with the orion sdk? the complicated part is to get relative rotations…

Best regards

I’m struggling with the same problem now. I got a rigged hand model which I’m trying to control with Leap Motion Controller (gen.1 and Orion drivers).

I tried to assign the joint rotations to the rig, but something seems to be wrong with the axis directions and how the rotations compound.

I have connected the translation and rotation from the Leap Motion CHOP for the palm joint and only rotation for all the finger joints.

Here is how my model looks like with mapping the joint rotations straight from the Leap Motion CHOP to the joints:


I managed to get it a bit better by multiplying some rotation vectors with -1 and adding 90 degrees to them:


But I don’t want to continue with this path because my head already hurts from trying to keep track on what I have rotated or multiplied and by how much. And it doesn’t look like It’s getting any better with this kind of fiddling.

Has anyone managed to get this kind of thing working? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. This topic has been marked as solved, but OP has not disclosed the solution for some reason.