Leap Motion SDK issues

Hi there!
I’m trying to use Leap Motion Beta software on Ventura and it works as far as I get into TD. I’ve followed all the installation guides and done many attempts with different combinations, all the different directory and even the directory that the operator give as default.
Is there anyone who achived to connect TD and the sdk file or else?

ps: the sdk file I find in my folder is called libLeapC.5.dylib and has an alias whose name is libLeapC.dylib. They’re are different from the ones descripted in the help files, is that a problem?

Leap is not currently supported on MacOS: MacOS | Derivative

  • Leap Motion CHOP / Leap Motion TOP - The Leap Motion SDK has not been updated for Apple Silicon by Ultraleap, so it is not an option to add to these builds.

It might be coming in a future update: Leap Motion now supported on MacOS Silicon, hopefully TouchDesigner soon - #4 by robmc

I’ve been playing with GECO (via Midi CC or OSC) to get some of the data into TD until then: GECO - Music and sound through hand gestures

Same is for Apple Intel from Monterey to now?

That’s a good question. The TD documentation does call out it was disabled specifically for Apple Silicon. Maybe this post can help, using the older SDK: Leapmotion SDK error - #2 by ben

Thanks, I’ll try to figure it out

Leap Motion just recently updated their Gemini v5 SDK for Apple Silicon and we are looking into adding support for it. Hopefully by end of year, stay tuned.

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Now its available in the latest 2023 experimental builds.