Leap Motion - Swipe Micro Movements


it’s since a long time I wanted to share this technique on the Forum.

I know Leap has a swipe function in the sdk, but this method is much better and you can apply it also for vertical swipe.

It’s done for interactions with Leap Motion with the purpose of adding some micro translations before swiping.

I’ve added a button to switch to Mouse interactions for those who does not have a Leap, but is thought for the Leap (with the mouse is less interesting).

Hope will be useful to someone for creating simple and effective slideshows.

LEAP_microSwipe.11.toe (10.8 KB)

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Thank you very much!!! It is very useful!
Maybe in the next days I’ll try to convert it also for the Kinect!

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Was wondering if you got it to work for Kinect too?

This concept is so cool :slight_smile:

Hello @LETSGOOO Hello @Simplo !

In this simple logic, there are basically 2 expression CHOPs that defines the orientation and 2 Trigger CHOPs that add or subtract 1 to Count CHOP.

Yes it’s possible to use the Kinect and select the hand palm in tx, ty, tz
Then you can substitute it to the input from Leap Motion with the one coming from the Kinect.

I suggest to use a logic in order to select the hand based on the tz pos. There is a similar logic in this file i shared in another post:

You will find that similar logic inside project1/base1/text2
It’s using the tz of all players to switch index on the nearest player, as the the visual works for single user.

If you use Kinect, what you can also do is to replicate the logic of the Swipe based on relative position in tx of the hand palm in compare to the shoulder tx, only if the hand is nearer in tz than the shoulder (of the same side).