leapmotion multiple devices support


seems like leap dev’s have implemented multiple device support. Is this feature going to make it into TD? Would make multiple user installations easier to do :wink:


Thanks for alerting us to this. We will probably wait until it is out of their ‘experimental’ stage and into their default driver set.


I see that we now have Gemini support on TD, yay!

any possibility to get multiple devices on the same PC? that would make installation life so much easier


It’s not something on our immediately todo list, but it is something we can look into. We did some experiments with their old multi device system, but leap never released it officially so it didn’t end up going anywhere. If it is possible to reuse that work on the new gemini system then it might be something we can squeeze in sometime.

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great, thank you @robmc . I will be following this topic for news, have a installation next month with 3 leap motions, would be perfect for that