Leapmotion SDK error

Hi, is anyone currently using Leapmotion with Touchdesign?
I installed LeapmotionSDK and used it in Touchdesign, but suddenly I got a driver error and installed the SDK again.
The Derivative site has the following explanation, but I can’t understand it.

API api - ⊞ - Select between Leap Motion V2 or V4/V5 SDKs for tracking. V5 offers the fastest and most stable tracking, V2 offers some legacy features like gestures.

Library Folder libfolder - This parameter should point to the location of the library file (.dll on Windows) that corresponds to the selected API version. The dll file can be found in the driver kit downloaded from the Ultra Leap website inside the ‘LeapSDK/ lib/x64’ folder. For V2, the file will be called ‘Leap.dll’ and for V4/V5, it is called ‘LeapC.dll’. Note: This is only applicable for Windows, on MacOS follow the instructions in the Installation section above for copying the libLeap.dylib file.

For Gemini V5, first install the tracking software, then set this parameter to C:\Program Files\Ultraleap\LeapSDK\lib\x64 where it will find the LeapC.dll file.

If anyone knows, please let me know how to solve it.
Thank you.

Leapmotion SDK error

Please note the important information in the top summary of the help.
Then, to help you further please mention if you are on Windows or Mac, and if Mac is it Intel or Arm?
Then you can determine which SDK you want to use. The answers to these questions determines what to do in the parameters on the Leap Motion CHOP.

Licensing for Leap Motion

TouchDesigner does not include a license to use the Leap Motion hardware or software. Make sure to check with the UltraLeap website regarding any applicable licenses that you may need for your project.


As of TouchDesigner 2022, the Leap Motion library files are no longer included with the TouchDesigner installer. These files, along with the drivers, are available from the UltraLeap website here: Legacy Releases — Ultraleap for Developers

  • API Version 5 Gemini - Download Gemini v5.6.1
  • API Version 4 Orion - Download Orion Beta v4.1.0
  • API Version 2 Tracking - Download Orion Beta v3.2.1

Depending on your operating system, there are different instructions for installing the library:

On Windows: You can use the Library Folder parameter to point to the location of the LeapC.dll (Orion/Gemini) or Leap.dll (Version 2/3) files on your system. The file is installed as part of the LeapSDK and the location may vary depending on the version and options selected during installation.

On MacOS (not compatible with MacOS Monterey): The libLeap.dylib file must be copied into a folder where TouchDesigner can find it (the Library folder parameter is not available on MacOS). The file is available in the LeapSDK/lib folder of the driver package downloaded from UltraLeap. The file can be copied into usr/local/lib so that it is available to all copies of TouchDesigner on the system, or it can be copied into the frameworks folder inside the package contents of a particular TouchDesigner app i.e. TouchDesigner.app/contents/frameworks.

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Thank you.
I read a lot

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Thanks for your answer. May I ask you some complements ?
I’m currently working on Windows. I don’t realy understand what I had to do.
Where should I have to put the LeapC.dll ?
thanks in advance !

On windows you don’t need to copy the DLL, you can use the Library folder parameter on the Leap node to point to the location on your drive where it was installed by the SDK.