LED Panel Wall prices

Hi everyone,

Any ideas on an approxamate realistic price range for an LED paneled video wall 40ftX20ft for buying/Renting for 6 monthes in Vegas? Any brands or services you recommend?

Viewing distance should start around 15ft.


You want to rent it. Buying and maintaining the wall yourself would be a steep investment in money and resources. Especially for a limited engagement.

I have no ballpark estimates for pricing. It’s something that’s been handled by production on every gig I’ve ever done.

ROE is one of the better brands around at this point. Most touring and install walls i’ve seen lately come from their Carbon series. Based on your needs I’d look at CB 8 or 5 (8mil or 5mil).

The most likely vendors to get it from would probably be Screenworks, VER or PRG.


Worldstage has their own line of LED as well but they tend to be on the pricier end of the spectrum.


Hope this helps.

Thank you, Flowb. I’ll take a look a the links you sent.