Hello everyone!, i’ve a very very basic question, all the tutorials that i’ve watched about led mapping recommends packet the signal via shuffle chop(sequencing all channels into one) before sending to dmxOut, but not have any luck in my led strip. when i bypass the shuffle CHOP completely all the colors map to the ledstrip but when i shuffle all channels only the red color shows in my leds. i attach a toe file to show my basic setup.
Thx in advance
i’ve attached to my laptop an ENTTEC openDmx ethernet controller.DMX_seutp_01.1.toe (4.3 KB)

Hey @nenuco

have a look at the LED tape pixel mapping example in the OPSnippets. There is a bunch of things in your file that need to be changed:

  • You are currently only fetching colors for 2 pixels. The snippet will explain how to fetch colors for all LEDs using a SOP as the sampling source for the TopTo CHOP.
  • with this technique the Shuffle CHOP’s Method parameter should be set to “Sequence All Samples” as the r, g and b channel values need to be interleaved into a single channel where the sample order is rgb,rgb,rgb
  • select “Packet per Channel” for the Format Parameter for the DMX Out CHOP to be able to send all universe values as a single channel.


Hey, @snaut, thx for your rapid response, i 'll check it out.

Hello! i’m still having issues with led mapping setup, i came back with a new simple setup and still can’t figure it out what could be the problem. only can get on /off all diods of three ledstrips.
test_Led_forks_01.19.toe (11.1 KB)
thx in advance!!

Probably a hardware problem. Your TouchDesigner file seems to be set up correctly.

May be improper settings on your LED controller. I have seen that when the wrong pixel type is configured sometimes it will cause all of the LEDs to flash on and off when they receive any data at all.

Thanks Peet, it seems that the chip on the led strips,and my controller it’s not compatible with the effect that i’ve wanting to achieve, i found that i should use addresable LEDS like ws2812 will work fine.
Thanks again