"legacy transform" in Fit TOP

I’ve been using the Fit TOP for a long time for different uses and never noticed that there’s a “legacy transform” option. Usually I stay away from things marked legacy, but I gave it a try and it creates an interesting effect when used from an Audio Spectrum CHOP to CHOP-to-TOP to a Fit TOP (with a Fit of Horizontal).

Alas, the Fit TOP documentation doesn’t include it : (

What is being done differently between standard (non-legacy) transform and legacy transform?

And if it is legacy (and thereby, i’m guessing eventually going to be deprecated?), what is the recommended way to do the same effect now?

Appreciate the help!


The old method for building the transform matrix on the Fit TOP (and other TOPs such as Composite TOP) has rotation and transform order inverted relative to the Transform TOP. It was changed to be consistent with the Transform TOP and we added a legacy toggle for backward compatibility reasons. We don’t plan to remove the toggle any time soon so feel free to use it, though I think it would be possible to achieve the same effect by inverting rotation and transform order.

I’ll update the docs with this info.