Length of Kinect Azure Power Cable

Im looking into the length of the power cord for an installation and I can’t seem to find any information on it. Does anyone know the length of the cord that comes out of the box?

I’m trying to decide if we need to order longer power cables for our installation.

Your help in advanced is appreciated!!

Thank you

Both included cables are only about 1 meter. Low power draw however so you could use a lightweight power extension to get there.

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If you want to extend, I can recommend regular 3m USB 3.0 extension cable from amazon Basics for the power chord, and a 5mTether Tools TetherPro USB-C to USB 3.0 cable for data transfer, which works fluently, even in Master/Sub sync

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@arctor023, @ben

I was able to solve the problem by using high quality USB Repeaters + USB 3.0 Active Cables from Newnex. They did product testing themselves with the Azure Kinects.

We are using this extender: https://www.newnex.com/usb-3-1-optical-fiber-extender-repeater.php
Active cables to provide power + data from the repeater (https://www.ntcdistributing.com/usb-3-0/firenex-ulink-ex-active-cable-a-m-to-a-f/?sku=UL-EX-10M)

Total distance run is about 300 feet from computer to kinects.

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Great feedback, thanks.

Reported on the Help Group is these cables also work (thanks Scott Millar!)

Hi @Spinning_Rock, just checking… if I only need a 10-15m run on Kinect Azure, can I just use this active extension cable? Have you tested that without the fibre optic longer extension?


@ben ,

Yes. You could use the USB-C Cable included in the box with the active extension cable.

You’d also want to get a USB female to male extension cable for the power as well if you don’t have power outlets close to the kinect.

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