Let's talk about POP aka Particles Operators

Hi community let’s talk about PoP a new Family !!
First of all i like the way we can create / configue and render particles in Touch, we can make the most efficiant sytem of a specific job, and we need to have this way of creation in GLSL, thanks for the GPU Particles of the Palette.

I open this wish, because i can see as a freelancer, all studios have their own Particules Systems, it is interesting to see all posibilities. Build 1 system that can do everything or somes little one for specific effets.

This idea of POP come from Houdini of course, but just for the name, for the fonctionnality it is more inspired by XParticles, Notch and the Nvidia Flex Comp

If i can picture it, it will be like that :

A POP System that regroup the total number of particles simulated and the bounding box, so multiple emitters can write on a sytem.

Forces will affect the mouvement of all the particles the entire system or will operated on differents groups.

Shading will operate on the particle locally, composite colors or attributes.
Render can be place in MAT Family.

I don’t know how all this POP operators can communicate toogether, maybe like the Flex Solver COMP, a solver with some actors for the forces, the shading nodes can be wires.

Particles deserved to have their Family !

I got fun to create this Custom Page so here is my PSD projet if you want to make yours wishes


A big upvote on this concept from me! I’ve been experimenting with Niagara in UE5 and I think something akin would be a beautiful thing