LiDAR units avialable for rent (Hokuyo, Leuze, Kinect) ~ several TouchDesigner compatible models

Do you have a large interactive installation coming up? Or maybe you want to try a few different sensors to inform a consequential purchasing decision… Whatever the reason, now is the season.
Do not hesitate to get in touch about your LiDAR rental needs today!

Available models include: Hokuyo 10LX, 30LX, 05LP, Leuze ROD4+, Kinect V1, V2, Azure, and more.
Inventory is sufficient for at least 4 concurrent room-scale installations with interactive walls and floors.
Specialty cables, mounting, cooling, and PoE options available.
Kits can ship, pre-configured as needed.
Inventory fluctuates. Please reserve date ranges ASAP if you have a big project on the books.

In-person consultation is readily available in the greater Los Angeles and Las Vegas areas.
Onsite services available throughout USA. International inquiries considered.


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