Light Dosent work

Hi Guys, I start learning TD. I have Non-commercial free version. When i use LIGHT Comp, i dont see any effect on my 3D Box.
When i see any tutorials, when someone create SOP Box, it has white color, But my Box is black.

When i add Camera and Light, and COMP Geo, i can see Camera and Light in Geometry Viewer, but in Render i cant see any Light effect on by Box.

When i use Phong, whith any color on by box, Light effect dosent work.

Sometimes Render dosent work. I need to reboot TD several times, while Render create some Image.

Im on Macbook Air M1

What can i do? If i instal previous version of TD do i have same issues?

This is a known issue with the M1s it seems. I have a macmini M1 here I’m going to setup soon to see if I can work around it.

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@Puremag1c Please try 2021.12360 which is now posted.

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Thanks, now light work, but render sometimes still blank, when reboot - it works fine!