Light Interactive installation for Absolut in Madrid (Spain)

Hello there!

I`ve been doing a big light installation in Madrid (Spain) the last month.

The client was Absolut and it was massive and full controlled with TouchDesigner.

absolut_lightnotes.jpg … 9225_o.jpg

absolut_lightnotes2.jpg … 5534_o.jpg


2 big thunder on the sides (75m linear leds each) and 126 interactive lights in the middle. Everything audio reactive and controlled on my mobile with Lemur. Also the 126 lamps controlled with leap motion.

I also did a 3 minute show, where i controlled few things from TD:

1 signal to control GrandMA1 to move all the lights in the room… 12 sharpys, many strobe light, black light etc…
1 signal to control another laptop that send videos to the main screen on the stage and also the music to the main control.
And 11 dmx universe to animate and control the leds on the sides and the roof.

The idea of this project was to make a light factory for the brand. You can check hashtag #absolutelectrikfactory for more videos and pics but i add some here to show the final result.

Idea, Design, production, developing, set-up, and show made by Light Notes (me :laughing: )

I hope you like and enjoy!!

More info on my website . As soon as we edit the show video i will post it :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for you time!!


LINKS: videos

Building and making both thunders and lights lamps:
[video][/video] … 242501514/
[video][/video] … 5174826514
[video][/video] … 048746514/
[video][/video] … 656546514/

LINKS: photo