Lighting setup render

Hope someone with more experience can offer some guidance.

I’m trying to recreate renders to showcase potential works of real lighting setups, specifically pixel mapping with strips in a 3D fixture. I do all the light control on TD so being able to make a render seems possible. I’m wondering if it’d be better to use external software like Capture or others and send DMX data into it or stick with TD. Any tips or workflow ideas would be very much welcomed. Thanks!

Hi @Verbose,

you are looking for a previz of your setup, @lucasm’s geoPix might be of interest:


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Oh! Built in TouchDesigner, that’s very appealing. This seems like the obvious choice at the moment, I’ll start digging. Thank you so much Markus.

By the way I use the method you shared on the pixel mapping tutorial, and not that long ago actually understood the shuffling of channels to map different setups. It was a huge breakthrough :slight_smile:
The idea is to use that DMX info to power a visualization with GeoPix.

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Oh, there’s no mac support. Back to the quest.