Limit chop sampleIndex

I wish the limit chop could use the sampleIndex member like the parttern chop for example.
chanIndex was implemented but not sampleIndex, thus it makes it impossible to work with variable min & max values. (though a network of mathChops or scriptChop can help bypassing that problem)

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You could use a Shuffle CHOP to ‘Swap Channels and Samples’, then work with individual channels, then swap back.
However, dependent on the number of channels, you may take a performance hit.

It’s a good idea! Even though I have a multichannel multisample chop I could separate the channels before the shuffle and remerge everything after.

But it turns out that the limitChop chanIndex is buggy
In the image each channel should be limited/clamped to its index: 0,1,2,3,4

here’s the expected behavior: