Limit TOP random value?

Is there a way to limit maximum/minimum values like Limit TOP but when it’s out of range, instead of Loop or Zigzag type it will give a random value in the range?

any ideas on how to do it? it seems like an easy thing but i don’t know if it is an option.

Perhaps you can use a Threshold TOP:

The Threshold TOP creates a matte with pixel values set to 0 for pixels below the threshold value, and 1 for pixels greater than or equal to the threshold value.

Here’s a simple example which feeds the output from the Threshold TOP into a Matte TOP, so that random noise is composited over the original for any pixel which has luminance value above 0.7.

You could expand this example to work for each color channel separately

threshold_Matte.tox (502 Bytes)

Thanks a lot for the idea, this is actually the same logic that I am trying to implement to another situation. I am working on x,y positions of pixels. So when they are outside the screen I want them to come back to a random position determined by a noise.

You can see at this point of the video he is doing this with limits.