Line MAT and UV texture?

Is it possible to use Line MAT with texture?

I have a roots like structure with just curve primitives, if I use phone MAT I can use ramp texture that is tracing along the curves. I was just curious if similar thing can be possible to do with Line MAT but unsure since there is no spot to plug in TOP to.

Thank you.

Hi Aki, There currently is no way to texture lines of the Line MAT, sorry. We have been considering texturing on lines for a while and concluded it would need a lot of controls - assuming u along the lines and v across the width, controlling whether each line starts with the same u or it steps, from one line to another, or u randomly offsets from one line to the next, and whether u goes 0-1 flor whole line or u increases depending on ling length. etc. similar for v. What is your use case? It is on our radar to do, not sure when.

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Hi Greg! Thank you for the reply! That is great to hear that it is on your radar. My case is actually simple, I only want to animate the color keeping the width static. I have a neuron model that has width attribute, and I used Texture SOP Rows & Columns mode to create UV so that I can run a ramp texture along the curve. I thought it would be nice lineMAT allows color texture that uses SOP’s UV. Attached my project file!

lineMatTexture.2.toe (39.7 KB)

If you can get the ramp’s colors onto the point colors, the Line MAT will render the point colors. I see your uv is on the vertiecs, but if you can get them on your points… then perhaps TOP to CHOP your ramp and use that and the u with a Lookup CHOP and splice the color back into the SOP. something like that.

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That did it! Thank you Greg!!