Line Mat broken on macOS

great but new build now breaks MAT line… i keep getting a UV texture error on the render node suggesting i insert a UV node somewhere but doenst actually say where. and annoyingly the project grinds to a halt making MAT line unusable now…

That’s strange, there were no changes to the Line MAT directly, could you give us more info so we can help you? Usually when the Render TOP needs UVs, you need to add UV coordinates to your SOPs, this can be done with a Texture SOP.

2020.22080 worked with same file?
Can you give screengrab?
Can you provide example file so we can see your setup? (send to is private)
Do the Line MAT OP Snippet examples work for you? (Help -> OP Snippets)

small test instancing and wire test.9.toe (5.8 KB)

ok so a texture sop works but NOT if Point is turned on in MAT Line

ok so now i have the MAT line with point turned off and the geos are showing nice depth fall off etc. all great. excelpt is not looking like that in the render node…

We discovered this Render TOP issue was that the ‘Display Overdraw’ parameter was on.

@ben I’m getting the same issue where, the render top throws a warning with the Line MAT if I have “Draw Points” turned on, whether there is a texture SOP or not. If I turn on “Display Overdraw” it actually seems to remove the warning, but then I don’t actually see anything in my screen output?

I’ve also opened up the Line MAT example in Op Snippets and, as soon as I turn on the draw points parameter, the warning pops up in the render window.

Okay… so it looks like this has to do with the “point type” parameter in the material. If the Point Type is set to Circle (Polygon), Sphere, or Cone, the render TOP throws a warning, but the warning disappears with it set to Square or Circle (Sprite).

The Line MAT is a pretty complicated shader internally, and we do know if doesn’t work 100% correctly on some GPUs unfortunately. Out of curiosity, what system are you on (Windows/macOS?) and what’s your GPU?

Just happens for me now :frowning:
macOS Monterey 12.1
“This MAT is not supported on this GPU or OS.”
AMD Radeon PRO 5300M 4 GB

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@digital_nomad Please report build numbers when reporting a bug, are you by chance using the Experimental build 2021.38110?
If so, this is a known issue in the experimental branch, you can read all “known issues” in the Release Notes as there are currently a number of them for macOS.

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Hey! Thank you for your feedback!
My bad to don’t mentioning the build. I didn’t know the build is the Experimental one… I use 2021.38110 yes image
Gonna be more attentive henceforth.
Much appreciate!

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I’m having the exact same issue. Is there a way around this or a fix?

I’m using the latest experimental build .39010

Thank you!

I think it was mentioned on another thread but for those reading here, the Line MAT will be back in macOS builds the next experimental we post after 2021.39010+.
Thanks for your patience!

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