Link audio (reactive) file to a 3d Obj

Hi there,

I would like to link the audio to a particle custom 3d geometry (obj. file).

Any help?

Image attached.

Super Thanks!

Are you using RMS power on that analyse? I also suggest you set the audiofilein to Mono in order to output only one channel. After that you could try linking the audio to the period of turbolence of particles. Or pass through a logic to change the seed from 0 to 1 in any significant moment of the audio track!

Hi Wingedguar,

I have: Audiofilein>Audiofilter(I just need bass)>Spectrum>Analyse was set on Maximum.

So no, it wasn’t.

Interesting, how that works?


Use a logic CHOP, set it to “off when outside interval” and set and interval high enough to activate the logic CHOP when your audio is high enogh. Once you did this link the output of the logic CHOP (that will be 1 or 0) to the seed of your particles SOP’s turbolence (unlike noises the seed can be 0 or 1). This will change the direction of all turbolences anytime the logic CHOP switches from 0 to 1 and vice-versa

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